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  • How to I turn on my chair?
    1.Plug the black cord found in the pocket into a port on the fully charged power pack. 2.Press the power button on the right arm of the chair and hold until it lights up. 3.With each consecutive press the heat setting changes: 4. To turn off the chair, press and hold down on the power button or conversely unplug the chair from the power pack.
  • Where do you ship?
    Anywhere in Canada , FREE of charge on Canada post priority from our location near Edmonton , Alberta Average shipping times are 2-7 days
  • I lost the instructions that came with my COZY™ chair?
    Here you go!
  • How long will my battery last?
    With the provided 10,000 mAh battery. It is firstly important to give it a full charge every few months. This helps preserve the charge in the battery and the battery memory. There are other influences like temperature. A cold battery works harder than a warm one. As a rule of thumb under normal conditions your battery should last for ~2 hours on high, ~4 hours on medium and ~6 hours on low.
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