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Cozy Chair Co heated campiong chairs for those chilly nights by the lake around the campfire.



Why Cozy Chair Co?

We believe you should be able to enjoy being outside in our ever changing Canadian weather doing the things you love while staying warm!

Our team at Cozy is dedicated to providing the best in outdoor seating. Our heated camping chair is perfect for those who love to explore the great outdoors, but don’t want to give up the comforts of home. With three heat settings, you can choose just the right temperature to keep you cozy for hours. Our luxury chair is the ultimate in comfort and style, with features like a built-in phone holder and durable fabric that can withstand the elements. Because it is plus size with extra padding in all the right places and is built with a sturdy frame COZY chair's can easily support up to 360 pounds.



•Heating element in seat, as well as insulated and padded back, seat and arms to keep you COZY™

•Heavy duty 600 D polyester fabric that is water resistant and wipes down with a damp cloth

•10,000 mAh lithium battery pack to run chair and charge your phone a the same time

•Cell phone pocket

•Quality construction with a heavy weight ¾” frame

•3 stage temperature control

•Padded seat, back and arm rests

•Plus Size Camping Chair , 360 lb weight rating

•Carrying bag

•Stable base - easy to get in and out of

•Canadian owned and operated



New Arrivals


We are a family run business located just outside Edmonton Alberta with a love for the outdoors, kids who play a ton of sports and a mom who got tried of freezing! Living in the north where weather can make or break your best moments, we have learned to harness each season of weather and of life and enjoy the outdoors regardless. This is why we started COZY™.  Giving Canadians the ability to sit around a campfire late into a chilly evening, stay warm while watching a cool spring soccer game or tailgating, being COZY™ at a music festival catching your favorite band, or simply hanging out with friends, we have the ultimate solution with our series of COZY™ heated outdoor chairs. 


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